43DEGREES Winter Snow Wear

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Hi Everyone,
please let me introduce our partner brand "43DEGREES"
They provide high quality snow wear since 2008, designed in Sapporo and tested in Niseko, we are lucky to be a part of their winter line product development!
The main reason why we chose their line is its warmth and flexibility. With high quality materials, they can keep you warm even in about -20 °C. They stretch very well so they won’t restrict your movement, which is important for instructors like us. They have high breathability, are waterproof and have easy access for all the pockets and vents. Great durability as well.
Conclusion: High quality snow wear at reasonable price, you can feel Japanese craftmanship when you try them on.
Highly recommended for everone ! This is our wear, they are also available on some of the international Rakuten sites. 
Our interview is on their blog (sorry only in Japanese,,,)
Happy riding !
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